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4 Shots Game - Jumping Ball Tabletop

4 Shots Game - Jumping Ball Tabletop

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A fun, team-building game that is positively addictive.

Kids love it! Teens love it! Adults love it, too! Connect 4 Shots is the game that inspires families and groups of friends to get to get off of their computers and smartphones and experience some “real-time” fun.

Light and easy to store, the Connect 4 Shots Game is the perfect party game. Made of safe-high-quality ABS material, it can be played by up to 4 people.

It’s so popular that 89.38% of customers buy 2 sets or more for playing with friends or family.

Don’t miss out on the fun. Get a Connect 4 Shots Game and pay it forward by giving it as a holiday or birthday gift to your favorite friends and relatives.


  • Easy to install
    No need for complex processes and other tools requirements!
  • Safe material
    The connect 4-shot toy is made of eco-friendly ABS material. It is safe for children and adults.
  • Portable
    The connect 4-shot toy has a handy carrying case and can be folded into a smaller size that is easy to transport to parties, picnics, and anywhere you travel.
  • Scope of application
    The connect 4-shot toy is appealing to a wide age range and makes a great gift to give to friends and relatives on holidays and special occasions.

89.38% of customers buy 2 sets or more for playing with friends or family


Install the foot base firstly. Then pull out the sliding slope panel and flatten it. At last, insert the basketball board.

The connect 4 shots game needs the winner to get the same color ball line on the toy ball grid. Two players, each have one color ball. Players try to throw the ball on the desk and let it be reflected in the sliding slope. At last the ball roll into the grid. Each player takes turns throwing the ball.


  • Type: connect the 4-shot toy
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: blue
  • Size: 31*20*42cm/ 12.18*7.86*16.51inch(L*W*H)
  • Ball diameter: 4cm/ 1.57inch
  • Net weight: 800g/28.22oz

1* connect the 4-shot toy
1* package box

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